Sugar cane processing employee safety pdf

Study of occupational health and safety conditions of a. If this sugar is now dissolved and allowed to crystallise again, a particularly pure and highquality sugar is formed refined sugar. The canes are thoroughly cleaned and cut into small pieces. Work on the manual cutting of sugarcane, especially of burned sugarcane, exposes workers to various risks, with different health impacts. Sugar mill safety a supplement to the sugar industry code of. Sugar mill safety supplement to the sugar industry code of practice 2005. The centrifugation leaves behind a thick syruplike product molasses. The following points highlight the six main steps involved in manufacturing cane sugar. The health and safety manual book given to us by the iuf project coordinator.

Cane processing factories are located in tropical or subtropical beet and. Sugar industry code of practice 2005 worksafe queensland. Sugarcane is the worlds largest crop by production quantity. Pdf workers in developing countries face as many, if not more. Whether sugar comes from sugar beets or sugar cane, the purification process is similar for each plant, and the result is the same pure sucrose. One difference in processing between the two plants is that sugar beets are refined at a single facility, a sugar beet factory and sugar cane at two facilities. Study of occupational health and safety conditions of a sugar mill in pakistan. Sugarcane workers, occupational health, musculoskeletal disorder 1. Sugar cane workers have a high level of occupational accidents and are exposed to the high toxicity of pesticides. Steps involved in manufacturing canesugar with diagram.

The production and processing of sugarcane is a major source of. A policy of personal hearing protection for all persons entering factory processing areas is. Workers must take reasonable care of the health and. Workers are exposed to dust including biological and. Molasses is used in the production of animal feed and as a raw material in the production of yeast and alcohol. There are mainly three sideproduct of sugar processing industry bagasse 2530% cane after crushing of sugarcane, pressmud 35% cane after clarification and molasses 3. Hazard identification and risk assessment was done to. Sugar mill safety supplement to the sugar industry code of practice 2005 pn11197 page 8 of 52 2. A pilot field evaluation on heat stress in sugarcane workers in costa. Mills are made up of a range of industrial plant such as boilers, storage and.

Sugarcane background major safety and health hazards ilo. Sugar manufacturing operations a sugar mill is a large factory used to produce raw sugar and other products from sugar cane. The sugar industry code of practice describes methods for controlling major hazards associated with sugar mill operations and cane rail operations. Five sections of mill section, process house, packing house, boiler section and turbine section. Managing sugarcane farm safety agrifutures australia. The critical responsibility of an employer pcbu is to provide a safe workplace and ensure the safety of all those who work or visit the farm. Sugar mill workers are exposed to different levels of heat stress depending upon. Occupational health and safety ohs is one crucial area of trade union work that encompasses. This is done before both manual and automated tractor harvest to.

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