Th d72a vs vx-8gr software

Vx8gr a devoted aprs user dual band version of the vx8r series of. The only thing you probably will be able to do with the vx 8gr is display stations location on the map. Discussion in rocketry electronics and software started by stevef, feb 2, 2011. Ham radio 20 the international exhibition for radio amateurs, ham radio 20, was held june 2830, 20 in friedrichshafen, with. Aprstt appalachian trail golden packet event jan 2011 high initial and. View and download yaesu vx 8dr operating manual online. Easy to use and program, and programs with an usb cable and free software from kenwood. Yaesu vx7 r operating manual download mods for yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r. Its an excellent tried and tested triband hand held. The kenwood thd72 handheld radio used to be real bigtime when released back. In this second part, i will walk through the kenwood software. See the vx8dr user manual starting on page 80 for more info. The thd74a i just got, well, lets just say that i figured out 98% of the entire radio without cracking open a manual. Id get a kenwood th d72a instead if you are interested in aprs.

Software for other modes, as well as mac software, can be downloaded from our signalink software page. As a bonus, these usaversion radios also operate on 222225 mhz with 1. The software will not be able to access aprs on the vx 8 at all. The th f6a does seem to be a bit more rugged than the vx8gr and i suspect that that comparison also applies to the vx6r. Software cd this free cd contains several of the most popular pc programs for the most popular modes including psk31, ft8, jt65, sstv, mt63, cw, rtty and packet. This software is designed to run on the above operating systems. So the question which one is better, f6a or 8dr is totally incorrect. This same port is what is used to program the radio or aprs modem. When you have finished the time setup, press the ptt switch to save the new setting and return to normal operation. Ham radio and amateur radio online equipment sales. Featured items newest items bestselling alphabetical. Vx8g radio programming software yaesu radio software. The main differences im picking up on are the ft60 is dual band, while the vx 8dr is triband, and also submersible in water for a certain amount of time.

Compared to the vx7r and vx8gr, the thd72a is significantly. I wanted it for use with a new motorcycle, and the yaesu appears to be much more weather resistant than my kenwood th d72a. The gps is built in to the d72a vs buying an external gps and mount. We are offering the firmware updating program to the th d72a e owners. The vx8gr has a rechargeable liion battery cell used just for the clock. I wouldnt let the newness of the product dissuade me from purchasing it. Choosing best highend ht amateur radio handheld transceiver.

G4hfq software ftbvx8, ftbvx8j and ftbvx8g details. Yaesu vx7 r commander download pdf user manual for yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r. I picked up a vx8dr over the summer and love the radio a lot. Rtsystems admsvx8gr software programming, admsvx8gr. We are is offering the firmware updating program to the tmd710ae and the rcd710 owners. View and download kenwood thd72a instruction manual online. I liked the radio, but wished yaesu didnt limit the packet tnc in the radio to just aprs kenwoods th d72a can be connected to a computer or other device with usb cable, and its tnc can be used by external software. With the mcp4a memory control software a free download from the kenwood website, you can use a computer to input, edit and manage data for the thd72a s memory channels and aprs functions, for example. The decision between those two radios depends on what you want. Yaesu vx8gr, yaesu vx8gr amateur ht universal radio. The tmd710ae transceivers operation panel and the rcd710 firmware has been updated from version 2. Yaesu vx8dr 6m2m70cm heavyduty fm aprs hts vx8dr free.

Yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r user and service manual, modifications. I own a kenwood th f6a, a kenwood th d72a, and a yaesu vg8gr, so i cant make a direct comparison for you. Strong performance specifications are combined with intuitive operation. With two independant amateur band recievers, listen to either the same or. The vx8gr has a 24hour clock with a calendar which covers all dates from january 1, 2000 through december 31, 2099 accuracy. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. Unlike the thd72a, you can engage keylock on the 8gr while someones beacon is on the display. On the other hand, i curse the guy who developed yaesus user interface on the vx8gr. May 28, 2014 i own a kenwood th f6a, a kenwood th d72a, and a yaesu vg 8gr, so i cant make a direct comparison for you. Windows or mac os pc programming software with usb to multipin radio connector. Yaesu original ft2dr 144430 dual band digitalanalog c4fmfm handheld amateur transceiver. I have no proof, as im not about to sacrifice my hts for science, but i doubt that the thd72a would have survived over an hour on a busy road as well as the vx7r did, and probably not even as well as the vx8gr would.

See the thd72 cdrom manual pages aprs9 through aprs19 for more info. June 26, 2019 the th d72a e main firmware has been updated from version 1. If you find errors in this document or if you are using a device. On the other hand, i curse the guy who developed yaesus user interface on the vx 8gr. Yaesu ft2dr transceivers ht dual band 2m70cm, ft2dr. The th f6a does seem to be a bit more rugged than the vx 8gr and i suspect that that comparison also applies to the vx 6r. Please see the link below from w6gps on how to program your radio for aprs. Is there any good alternatives for triband or greater and aprs capabilities. The vx8gr aprsgps handheld transceiver is a dual band version of the vx8dr. Laminated and durable nifty programming and operating guides for simplified setup and operation of kenwood ham radios. Hamcity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business. Th d72a e main firmware update information kenwood. But ive heard that 6m is not that easily worked on the vx8.

Buy kenwood original th d74a 144220430 mhz triband with ultimate in aprs and dstar performance digital handheld transceiver 5w. Apr 24, 2020 programming software for yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r. Setting up the vx8gr and thd72 for beeline gps the rocketry. The same license works with all versions just buy the one ftbvx8 license and download the versions you want to use. Please visit us today for all your ham radio needs. I stumbled on this discussion from the montana thread, and it just so happens that i also got an email the other day with an. Also unlike the thd72a, you can lock out the ptt key on the 8gr. The tmd72 is only 2m70cm, but it has a builtin gpsr and may be a better allaround aprs and packet radio. This version has a builtin gps unit right out of the box. Jun 23, 2010 a recent addition to the g4ilo shack is a new yaesu vx 8g hand held transceiver. The vx 8gr dualbander only covers 2 meters and 440 mhz and receive coverage is 108999 mhz less cellular frequencies. The kenwood thd72a data communicator is equipped with a builtin tnc 12009600 and provides aprs automatic packetposition reporting system and includes an integrated gps.

Thd72 is also full duplex capable of you want to do sat work. Describe your experience with the yaesu vx8gr and tell us why you give it the rating you did required. The battery life quoted in the manual is 6 hours on 2m and 5. The vx8gr supports aprs 12009600 bps data communication on the b sub band band only. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. Sf20 dual band soft smam antenna for yaesu vx3r vx5r vx6r. This exciting leading edge transceiver is designed with ease of use in mind, now packing an oversized backlit touch panel display. The vx8gr includes most of of the solid features and specifications found in the vx8dr, plus a built in gps and new expanded aprs capabilities to meet the needs of even the most active aprs user. The vx 8dr is one of the latest yaesu hand helds and has aprs functionality built in, although you need to purchase the fgps2 unit for it to actually receive the gps signal. Admsvx 8g, programing software cd with usb82 computer cable usb to 2. Tmd710a tmd710e operation panel rcd710 firmware update. I dont have to buy a cable and software because the software is free. Yaesu vx8dr 6m2m70cm heavyduty fm aprs hts are fully aprsgpsbluetooth capable handheld transceivers.

Sep 27, 2015 its not just another ht yaesu vx8dr quad band. The adms8g software allows you to program memory channels and menu settings of the radio. The vx8dr offers four bands 5 watts on 6m2m70cm, 1. Longtime followers of my blog may recall that less than a year ago i bought a yaesu vx 8e aprs transceiver with gps. You and others will be able to see your aprs movement on the web. The vx8gr supports a headingup or a northup view of the received gps data, but strangely it does not support this when navigating to a received beacon northup is the only option. Hey guys, im looking to buy my first handheld and people have suggested the ft60 and its bigger, better equipped brother, the vx 8dr. Glitchy, expensive and with software is getting more expensive. Is the yaesu vx8dr worth the extra money over the ft60.

Th d72a e main firmware update information last updated. In case you are thinking that i need professional help over my addiction to hand held radios you may be right however a week or so ago i received an email from someone who has a collection of 150. Ftbvx8g is the version to use if you have a nonjapanese model vx 8gr ge ftbvx8gj is the version to use if you have a japanese model vx 8gr. Is the yaesu vx 8dr worth the extra money over the ft60. You may communicate your location to other aprs stations along with the position, speed and heading displayed on your radio. Nov 24, 2012 in this second part, i will walk through the kenwood software. Yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r modifikation tx in german with picture yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r homebrew smd interface.

Kenwood th d72a 144440 mhz handheld amateur transceiver w 12009600 bps packet tnc, builtin gps, echolink ready, 5 watts. Adms8g works with authentic versions of this radio worldwide including the vx 8gr and vx 8ge. Download the nonjapanese version ftbvx8 from here or this mirror site. Six meters in an ht will be pretty much useless, and unless you live in an area that already has alot of 1. It seems to be specced similarly to the vx8gr, though the vx8gr certainly feels a lot more solid. The vx 7r is an older model, but none the worse for that fact. In order for a radio to receive or transmit aprs traffic via the software, the software must have access to the tnc to be able to read or send the messages.

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